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True Meaning of Luxury Kitchens

Side-By-Side Refirgerator/FreezerLuxury kitchens will provide you with a sense of fulfilled dreams that can include everything from private dinners for two to complete and elaborate dinner parties for two hundred.

Your range, Refrigerator, dishwasher and oven will be busy working at your command. You  want the granite countertops to glisten with the promise of things yet to come.

You know that the true meaning of luxury kitchens is what you add to the kitchen, you, your family and your dreams.

Kitchen Countertops

Granite countertops are made from slabs or tiles and are breath-taking to behold. Natural stone tiles and slabs can provide the age old beauty that only comes from stone. Your floors might be matching stone tile or complimentary in color. The colors are rich and varied, from the lightest white to the darkest China Black marble; your choices will reflect on you and how you picture your kitchen.

Viking 60 inch Professional RangeKitchen Range

You can have a Viking 60-Inch Professional Gas Range With 6 Burners And Grill / Griddle or your choice of a variety of ranges to use as the show piece in your luxury kitchen. From a gas range, an electric stove to an induction stove top, the new technology that is now present in cooking is amazing.

Refrigerator and Freezer

You cannot do without a refrigerator and freezer, unless you are willing to shop for food on a daily basis. Even then, you need at least a small under counter refrigerator to keep the perishables, like milk, butter and cheese, cold. Many of us have a double door refrigerator or a combination refrigerator and freezer. The French door refrigerators give you marvelous space without the restriction of a side freezer. If you can work it into your plans, the matching pair of refrigerator and freezer is a really nice touch in your luxury kitchen.

InSinkErator Hot 1 Instant Hot Water DispenserInstant Hot Water Dispenser

One of my small favorites is the Instant Hot Water Dispenser at the main sink. I love having hot water, at the point of boiling, right there at my finger tips. Ready to use when I need an instant cup of cocoa, or hot water for a recipe.

Wall Ovens

Wall ovens are a great way to have your gas range and electric ovens too. I know this is silly, but one of the things that I love best about these ovens is the self-cleaning function! So, I’m lazy; not really, I just hate getting that cleaning junk all over my hands to clean an oven and I really don't like the smell. A different type of wall oven is the warming oven which is a delightful addition to a luxury kitchen, providing you with the option of easily keeping your dinner dishes at the correct serving temperature.

Kitchen: The Heart of the Home

Laurent Brown MarbleMarble Tile Laurent Brown / 12The entire process of building a luxury kitchen starts with a dream - yours, your family’s, someone’s. Make sure that as the kitchen develops that it is what you want. It should be a room that is filled with function and beauty; one of warmth and laughter. Where cookies for the children or the grandchildren are baked as well as large turkeys roasted for the Thanksgiving feast.

Life is a series of steps, not just walking from one room to the next, but building a lifetime of memories of smiles, giggles, broken eggs and spilt milk on marble or tile floors and more laughter. We need to keep remembering always that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. We can laugh at ourselves for wanting and then buying such top of the line, expensive items, or not, for we know that it is the heart that makes the true luxury kitchen.








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